MyDietDiary® IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND AND THE IDEAL WEIGHT LOSS COMPANION, our diaries are printed in full colour, containing everything you need from planning and recording what you eat to fitness logs, sleep and mood trackers. At MyDietDiary® we really do understand how difficult and complex losing weight can be, and have produced this diary to help propel you on your journey to the new you.

WE KNOW THAT MOTIVATION CAN BE DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN, and to help combat this the MyDietDiary® has space for you to set your goals, list the reasons why change is important to you and set out the changes you plan to make. There is also space to record your progress along the way in body measurements, weight, dress size and also visually using before and after photos. As you progress through the weeks, MyDietDiary® encourages you to reflect on your progress and will help you to stay focused on your success.

KEEPING MyDietDiary® WITH YOU AND RECORDING what you consume throughout the day will help you to complete your daily log accurately, eliminating the need for you to remember every bite at the end of your day.

WE UNDERSTAND THAT WEIGHT LOSS CAN BE A COMPLICATED PROCESS and MyDietDiary® includes lots of extra help along the way. There are helpful tips and space to record healthy substitutions and your favourite meals, the daily pages each include a food planner, food log and other important healthy habits trackers such as how much water, caffeine, fruit & veg, and sleep you are getting each day.

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